Elsa and Anna toddlers go on a picnic, however Anya and Elsya get covered in ANTS! Annia and Elsia despise rodents and attempt to eliminate them. Anna and Elsa choose to go camping. Elsia and Annia love going camping in the summer. They have their picnic, get prepared for the day and eat their food. Toddler Elsa and find a significant snail and Ann… Read More

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荒野行動クラン”R.I.P”の公式YouTubeチャンネルです!RIPクランは決してプレイが上手な人いわゆる「ガチ勢」のクランでは無いです。強いて言うなら、「ガチのエンジョイ勢」です。メンバーで荒野行動をガチに、楽しみながらドン勝つを目指すという行動理… Read More